Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA)

If you have reported or are thinking about reporting rape or sexual abuse, it’s likely that you will have a lot of questions and may need more information before you can decide what to do. The Independent Sexual Violence Advisory Service gives you free and confidential access to trained advisors who can offer practical help and support, whether your case has been reported to the police or not.

An ISVA is completely independent of all other agencies. Their only interest is in supporting you. They will work with the various agencies on your behalf, to make sure you have all the relevant information about your case, and ensure that your voice and opinion is heard throughout the investigation.

If your case goes to court, your ISVA will be there to support you throughout the trial. They will help by:

  • Keeping you updated on the progress of the case
  • Arranging for pre-trial visits to the court, and accompanying you there
  • Accompany and support you whilst at court
  • Continuing to offer support after the court case should you require this
  • Work on your behalf to ensure that your rights are met

“This service is essential for anyone who has to go to Court as a witness or victim, the support and understanding is brilliant”